Speed of construction

Due to offsite mixing and processing Accurate RMC gives a huge advantage in terms of giving you pre planned and fast availability . Also lesser time in setting and curing of concrete leads to faster completion of concreting work.

Reduction in wastage

Complete automated system leads to zero wastage on production side as well as, on-site pumping system gives you the least possible wastage making Accurate RMC the most effective way of concreting.

Saving in labour

In Accurate RMC system least number of labours are required, mostly the skilled work is taken care by automated machinary, software, Accurate RMC trucks and pumping system which leads to very efficient and lower labour requirement.

Quality of concrete

At Accurate RMC, concrete quality is the highest due to two major factors. One is achieving exact proportion of the RMC-mix components as per mix design order and second is high quality input components as per customer requirement which helps maintain the desired quality, consistently

Improved life cycle cost

The Accurate RMC concrete due to better production practices and quality ingredients has a much higher life and sustainable strength giving a better life cycle cost.


At Accurate RMC all the production is done under controlled environment of the plant. We make sure we have the least possible harm in the ecology of the plant surrounding. Also the Accurate RMC mix can be designed in such a way that we can avoid emmision of harmful pollutants.

Frequently Asked Questions

A detailed answer to the first part of the question is enumerated in the write-up on “What is ready-mixed concrete?” under the heading Customer Support. Briefly, the two main advantages of ready-mixed concrete are: vast improvement in the quality and uniformity of concrete and enhanced speed of construction. Besides, there are many other advantages which include savings in labour, reduction in wastage, elimination of material procurement requirements and storage hassles, etc. All these advantages clearly establish the technical superiority of ready-mixed concrete over site-mixed concrete. As regards cost, ready-mixed is slightly costlier than site-mixed concrete. This increased cost is mainly on account of government taxation. It is indeed unfortunate that a quality product like ready-mixed concrete is taxed in our country, whereas there is no tax on site-mixed concrete! If tax component is removed, the cost of ready-mixed would be quite close to that of the site-mixed concrete. However, if due consideration is given to the higher speed of construction (which is possible due to use of ready-mixed concrete) the savings on account of early completion of the project would far outweigh the increased cost of ready-mixed concrete. Further, the improved quality of RMC would go a long way in enhancing the long-term durability, thus reducing the maintenance and repair expenses and hence the life-cycle cost of your structures. In addition, the savings in labour and wastage would also be available to you. Thus, if you look at the overall advantages and savings, the increased cost of ready-mixed concrete would appear to be a paltry sum.
Yes, ready-mixed concrete is a well-established technology. It was first patented in Germany, way back in 1903. By 1950s, the use of ready mixed concrete picked up in most of the advanced countries in Europe and America. Presently, nearly 75 % of the cement used in the USA is routed through ready-mixed concrete outlets. The corresponding average figure in Europe was 46.7% in the year 2005. Technologically speaking, the production process of ready mixed concrete has been continuously been upgraded, leading to improvement in product quality and uniformity. Today’s plants are highly automated and consist of state-of-the-art equipment having computerized controls on the entire production process. Compared to the advanced countries, India was a late starter in ready-mixed concrete. RMC-India is one of the pioneers in bringing this technology to India in 1996. During the past more than a decade, RMC-India and many other leading manufacturers have expanded their operations to various metropolitan and other big cities in India. Sufficient experience and expertise have been now obtained in the production and use of ready-mixed concrete. You can certainly bank on this experience..
Your architect/engineers need to work out the grade-wise concrete requirements and communicate the same to our plant. They are the right people and are in a better position to decide the quantities required. Concrete is generally specified in terms of the 28-day compressive strength and workability (usually slump) at placement point. These two are basic minimum requirements for us to design concrete mixes for you. We will ensure that concretes in accurate quantity and appropriate quality are delivered to your satisfaction.

Meet The Partners

Mr. Rajiv Parikh

Mr. Rajiv Parikh

Civil Engineer Partner, Accurate Ready Mix Concrete Partner, Suraj Estate Developers Senior Vice President CREDAI Maharashtra
Mr. Chetan Vasa

Mr. Chetan Vasa

Civil Engineer Partner, Accurate Ready Mix Concrete Partner, Suraj Estate Developers Director CREDAI Kolhapur
Mr. Tanaji Harale

Mr. Tanaji Harale

Concrete Expert Partner, Siddhanath RMC Partner, Hi-con RMC

We Believe


Following all the standard operational procedures along with high quality inputs like cement, sand, water, chemical admixtures, we make sure they are pre-tested and quality assured which guarantees accurate output product. In addition to that the final product is tested in well equipped and calibrated testing laboratory and also weighed at weigh bridge in the plant premises giving us end to end control of the product quality.


We understand the importance of innovation and upgradation. Innovation drives quality and profitability to our clients. We strive hard with our team of experts and advisors to constantly improve and innovate the RMC technology for making concrete affordable and of best quality.


  • Consistent Quality Concrete
  • Higher Speed of Construction
  • Zero Material Procurement and Storage Hassle
  • Saving on Labour
  • Substantial Wastage Reduction
  • Improved Life Cycle Cost
  • Eco-Friendly production practices
  • Less manpower engagement


Plant & Machinery

Plant & Machinery

We have installed well equipped & fully automated modern RMC batching Plant of renowned German Company "Schwing Stetter" having 45 cum/hour capacity with star walls and silos for...

cement & flyash. We also have modern concrete pump for easy pouring of concrete at site and transit mixers for transportation at site. Weigh bridge and testing lab facility also available at plant.

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Located at Halondi on Sangli-Kolhapur Highway and 10 kms from Kolhapur city gives us a unique reach in the region. We are committed to deliver in the radius of 40 Kms from our plant. Our fleet...

and well maintained ACCURATE MIX Trucks with state of art setup helps us to deliver in desired speed.

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Our Products

We provide range of products depending on our customers need currently ranging from M-10 to M-40 with different combinations of Flyash, Crush Sand, Cement and River sand. New products like...

  • Foundation Concrete
  • High Strength Concrete
  • Free flowing concrete
  • Green concrete
  • Water proofing concrete
  • Paving Concrete
can also be made available at the request of customer

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Accurate has expertise suitable for Commercial and residential grade-Slabs, Footing, foundation, flat slabs, terrace coba, retaining walls, flooring, Paving etc. We also supply for infrastructure...

developments like Roads Tunnels, Bridges and dams with a special purpose concrete made to the respective specification and needs.

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We deliver at and around 40Km radius

  • Kolhapur
  • Kalmba
  • Shiroli dumala
  • Rashiwade
  • Kagal
  • Kurundwad
  • Ichalkarnji
  • Hatkangale
  • Jaysingpur
  • Miraj
  • Sangli
  • Nipani
  • Ashta
  • Walwa
  • Uran Islampur
  • Kodoli
  • Panhala
  • Shirala


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